Near Patient Sharps Disposal (NPSD)

Sharpsafe® sharps management system is a sharps containment and management system which incorporates Near Patient Sharps Disposal (NPSD) and Aseptic Non Touch Technique (ANTT®).

What is NPSD?

Near Patient Sharps Disposal (NPSD) is a strategy for reducing needlestick injuries which features sharps containment products designed specifically to be taken to the patient. Sharps are disposed of safely at the ‘point of use’ thus eliminating many of the opportunities for needlestick injuries.

Orange-Tray Purple-Tray Yellow-Tray

NPSD + ANTT (Aseptic Non Touch Technique)

Aseptic Non Touch Technique is a DOH and EPIC2 endorsed ‘best practice’ aseptic technique developed to standardise practice, improve clinical standards and further protect patients and healthcare providers. The Sharpsafe® system incorporates trolleys and trays designed for use with ANTT.