Frontier Medical Products Limited was recently established to integrate three medical product manufacturers into one medical device company, providing consumable products and services to major International healthcare providers.

Sharpsafe® is the world’s first purpose-designed plastic sharps container.


Sharpsafe – is a sharps management system incorporating practice methodology designed to deliver safe management of sharps in accordance with HTM 07-01 Safe Management of Healthcare Waste and current NHS ‘point of use’ disposal guideline.

One aspect of HTM 07-01 is to encourage segregation of waste into different streams dependent upon the nature of the waste and the appropriate disposal method by means of a colour coding system.

In response to this Frontier Medical has developed 4 segregation routes, based on the colours indicated in HTM 07-01. The chosen waste stream is dependent on local policy.

Frontier Medical has developed a toolkit to assist with the implementation of HTM 07-01 Safe Management of Healthcare Waste, which includes posters, literature and other information in order to make the transition run smoothly.

The Sharpsafe® range is the only sharps containment system to incorporate translucent lids, protected access and point of use disposal (NPSD™).