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Sharpsafe 1 Litre

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Sharpsafe 1 Litre

The 1 Litre is designed for both community and hospital use and can be used with the Sharpsafe Tray as part of the Sharpsafe Near Patient Sharps Disposal System (NPSD). The 1 Litre has two apertures, one of which provides an open aperture for the disposal of used sharps, the other contains a needle removal feature.

A translucent lid with clearly visible fill line and inkjet printed waste segregation message help ensure the product is not overfilled.

Features and Benefits

  • 1L Nominal Capacity
  • Semi Translucent Lid – contents visible when full.
  • In-mould label – offers permanent audit trail which cannot be removed.
  • Temporary & Final Closure Feature
  • Simple 4 Click Assembly
  • Clearly visible fill line
  • Choice of openings – Pen needle remover, Luer lock remover and Blood collection systems remover


  • Dimensions: L 90mm x W 108mm x H 187mm
  • Capacity: 1L
  • Usable Capacity to Fill Line: 0.85 Litre
  • Weight 126g
  • Complies with UN 3291, BS EN ISO 23907:2012 and NF-X-30-511 standard
  • Carton Quantity: 100
  • Carton Weight 13.70kg
  • Carton Dimensions: H 440mm x W 380mm x L 540mm
  • Carton Volume: 0.088m3