Sharpsafe Protected Access range for additional security from needlestick injury

The Protected Access range is designed and intended primarily for use in public access areas such as A&E and outpatients, and anywhere children may be present.

The Protected Access range permits easy and safe disposal of sharps via an integral, barrel shaped rotating aperture, which ensures fingers and small hands are prevented from entering the container, providing added security for the user, patients and members of the public.

The unique closure also ensures only appropriate sized sharps can be placed into the container, discouraging the use of sharps containers for non-sharps waste, avoiding unnecessary waste disposal costs.



Protected Access Features

  • Closed aperture preventing hand intrusion
  • Pivot flap ensures safe disposal
  • Translucent lid – contents visible when full
  • In-mould labels – offers permanent audit trail which cannot be removed

The Protected Access range is available in a variety of containers from
9 litre to 30 litre Sharpsafe.

View the complete Protected Access range by clicking below.