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More Sharpsafe® containers are consumed in the UK and continental Europe than any other sharps container. The Sharpsafe® container opposite has more in-built safety features than any other disposable sharps container.

Sharpsafe® comprises of a comprehensive range of containers, extending from 0.2 Litre through to 30 Litre and includes a protected access range.

The range is complimented by an extensive range of accessories including the unique Near Patient Sharps DisposalTM (NPSDTM) tray and trolley system, brackets and a range of community specimen transport bags designed for community healthcare workers in accordance with UN3373.


Aligning the fill line on the lid with the label on the container ensures the internal safety flap inside the lid operates efficiently.


Simple FOUR CLICK assembly

An audible click confirms the lid and base are assembled easily, correctly and securely.

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Translucent lids

A unique safety feature which indicates when the contents reach the fill line, without having to open or look into the aperture.

Large aperture with internal safety flap

The large aperture with keyhole features ensures safe and easy disposal of sharps.


Temporary closure

For increased user and patient safety when the container is not in use.

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Fill line

The inkjet printed fill line is clearly visible externally and in combination with the translucent lid and large ‘headroom’ ensures Sharpsafe® is the safest sharps disposal system available.


In-mould label

This unique label is moulded directly into the container providing a permanent audit trail which cannot be removed.

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